Namespace List
Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 NActionTestingStructures used for mocking the parallel components framework in order to test actions
 NalgUtility functions wrapping STL algorithms and additional algorithms
 NBurgersItems related to evolving the Burgers equation \(0 = \partial_t U + \partial_x\left(U^2/2\right)\)
 NCceThe set of utilities for performing Cauchy characteristic evolution and Cauchy characteristic matching
 NConvergenceItems related to checking the convergence of numerical algorithms
 Ncpp2bC++ STL code present in C++2b
 NCurvedScalarWaveItems related to evolving a scalar wave on a curved background
 NdbNamespace for DataBox related things
 NdgFunctionality related to discontinuous Galerkin schemes
 NDistributedLinearSolverAlgorithmTestHelpersFunctionality to test parallel linear solvers on multiple elements
 NElasticityItems related to solving elasticity problems
 NellipticFunctionality related to solving elliptic partial differential equations
 NEquationsOfStateContains all equations of state, including base class
 NevolutionFunctionality for evolving hyperbolic partial differential equations
 NfdFunctions and classes for finite difference methods
 Nfile_systemA light-weight file system library based on POSIX
 NformalineFunctions for retrieving system and source tree information
 NfunclHigher order function objects similar to std::plus, etc
 NGeneralizedHarmonicItems related to evolving the first-order generalized harmonic system
 NgrmhdItems related to general relativistic magnetohydrodynamics (GRMHD)
 NgslImplementations from the Guideline Support Library
 Nh5Contains functions and classes for manipulating HDF5 files
 NhydroItems related to hydrodynamic systems
 NimportersItems related to loading data from files
 NInterpolateOnElementTestHelpersHolds code that is shared between multiple tests. Currently used by
 NintrpContains classes and functions for interpolation
 NlapackLAPACK wrappers
 NLimitersThings relating to limiting
 NLinearSolverFunctionality for solving linear systems of equations
 NneutrinosNamespace for neutrino physics
 NNewtonianEulerItems related to evolving the Newtonian Euler system
 NNonlinearSolverFunctionality for solving nonlinear systems of equations
 NOdeIntegrationFor ODE integration, we suggest using the boost libraries whenever possible
 NOptionsUtilities for parsing input files
 NParallelFunctionality for parallelization
 NPhaseControlContains utilities for determining control-flow among phases
 NPoissonItems related to solving a Poisson equation \(-\Delta u(x)=f(x)\)
 Npretty_typeContains all functions that are part of PrettyType, used for printing types in a pretty manner
 NpyppContains all functions for calling python from C++
 NRadiationTransportItems related to general relativistic radiation transport
 NRegistrationHelpers for derived class registration
 NRelativisticEulerItems related to evolving the relativistic Euler system
 NScalarAdvectionItems related to evolving the scalar advection equation
 NScalarWaveItems related to evolving the scalar wave equation
 NSpectralFunctionality associated with a particular choice of basis functions and quadrature for spectral operations
 NStepChooserUseThe intended use for a step chooser. This is used to control the classes via factories
 Ntmpl2Metaprogramming things that are not planned to be submitted to Brigand
 NtnsrType aliases to construct common Tensors
 NtransformHolds functions related to transforming between frames
 NVariableFixingContains all variable fixers
 NvisHolds functions needed for visualizing data
 NXctsItems related to solving the Extended Conformal Thin Sandwich (XCTS) decomposition of the Einstein constraint equations