Namespace List
Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 NActionTestingStructures used for mocking the parallel components framework in order to test actions
 NalgUtility functions wrapping STL algorithms and additional algorithms
 NamrItems for adaptive mesh refinement
 NBurgersItems related to evolving the Burgers equation \(0 = \partial_t U + \partial_x\left(U^2/2\right)\)
 NSolutionsHolds classes implementing a solution to the Burgers equation \(0 = \partial_t U + \partial_x\left(U^2/2\right)\)
 Ncpp17C++ STL code present in C++17
 Ncpp20C++ STL code present in C++20
 Ncpp2bC++ STL code present in C++2b
 NCurvedScalarWaveItems related to evolving a scalar wave on a curved background
 NdbNamespace for DataBox related things
 NCoordinateMapsContains all coordinate maps
 NcreatorsDefines classes that create Domains
 NElasticityItems related to solving elasticity problems
 NConstitutiveRelationsConstitutive (stress-strain) relations that characterize the elastic properties of a material
 NEquationsOfStateContains all equations of state, including base class
 NRegistrarsRegistrars for Events
 Nfile_systemA light-weight file system library based on POSIX
 NformalineFunctions for retrieving system and source tree information
 NFrameIndicates the Frame that a TensorIndexType is in
 NfunclHigher order function objects similar to std::plus, etc
 NFunctionsOfTimeContains functions of time to support the dual frame system
 NGeneralizedHarmonicItems related to evolving the first-order generalized harmonic system
 NgrHolds functions related to general relativity
 NSolutionsClasses which implement analytic solutions to Einstein's equations
 NgrmhdItems related to general relativistic magnetohydrodynamics (GRMHD)
 NAnalyticDataHolds classes implementing analytic data for the GrMhd system
 NSolutionsHolds classes implementing a solution to the GrMhd system
 NValenciaDivCleanThe Valencia formulation of ideal GRMHD with divergence cleaning
 NPrimitiveRecoverySchemesSchemes for recovering primitive variables from conservative variables
 NTagsTags for the Valencia formulation of the ideal GRMHD equations with divergence cleaning
 NgslImplementations from the Guideline Support Library
 Nh5Contains functions and classes for manipulating HDF5 files
 NhydroItems related to hydrodynamic systems
 NTagsTags for hydrodynamic systems
 NInitializationItems for initializing the DataBoxes of parallel components
 NActionsHolds Actions for Interpolator and InterpolationTarget
 NTagsTags for items held in the DataBox of InterpolationTarget or Interpolator
 NVarsData structures holding quantities that are interpolated by Interpolator for use by InterpolationTargets
 NLinearSolverFunctionality for solving linear systems of equations
 NInnerProductImplsImplementations of LinearSolver::inner_product
 NTagsThe DataBox tags associated with the linear solver
 NMakeWithValueImplsImplementations of make_with_value
 NMathFunctionsHolds classes implementing MathFunction (functions \(R^n \to R\))
 NneutrinosNamespace for neutrino physics
 NNewtonianEulerItems related to evolving the Newtonian Euler system
 NSolutionsHolds classes implementing a solution to the Newtonian Euler system
 NTagsTags for the conservative formulation of the Newtonian Euler system
 NActionsActions used by the observer parallel component
 NTagsTags used on the observer parallel component
 NParallelContains functions that forward to Charm++ parallel functions
 NPoissonItems related to solving a Poisson equation \(-\Delta u(x)=f(x)\)
 NActionsActions specific to the Poisson system
 NSolutionsAnalytic solutions to the Poisson equation \(-\Delta u(\vec{x}) = f(\vec{x})\)
 Npretty_typeContains all functions that are part of PrettyType, used for printing types in a pretty manner
 NpyppContains all functions for calling python from C++
 NRadiationTransportNamespace for all radiation transport algorithms
 NM1GreyNamespace for the grey-M1 radiation transport scheme
 NTagsTags for the evolution of neutrinos using a grey M1 scheme
 NRegistrationHelpers for derived class registration
 NRelativisticEulerItems related to evolving the relativistic Euler system
 NSolutionsHolds classes implementing a solution to the relativistic Euler system
 NValenciaThe Valencia formulation of the relativistic Euler System See Chapter 7 of Relativistic Hydrodynamics by Luciano Rezzolla and Olindo Zanotti or
 NTagsTags for the Valencia formulation of the relativistic Euler system
 NScalarWaveItems related to evolving the scalar wave equation:
 NSolutionsHolds classes implementing a solution to the Euclidean wave equation \(0 = \frac{\partial^2 \Psi}{\partial t^2} - \nabla^2 \Psi\)
 NSelfStartDefinition of the integrator self-starting procedure
 NActionsSelf-start actions
 NTagsSelf-start tags
 NSlopeLimitersThings relating to slope limiting
 NSpectralFunctionality associated with a particular choice of basis functions and quadrature for spectral operations
 NSwshNamespace for spin-weighted spherical harmonic utilities
 NStepChoosersHolds all the StepChoosers
 NRegistrarsHolds all the StepChooser registrars
 NStepControllersHolds all the StepControllers
 NStrahlkorperGrContains functions that depend both on a Strahlkorper and a metric
 NTagsHolds tags and ComputeItems associated with a Strahlkorper that also need a metric
 NStrahlkorperTagsHolds tags and ComputeItems associated with a Strahlkorper
 NaliasesDefines type aliases used in Strahlkorper-related Tags
 NTensorMetafunctionsContains all metafunctions related to Tensor manipulations
 NTimeSteppersHolds classes that take time steps
 Ntmpl2Metaprogramming things that are not planned to be submitted to Brigand
 NtnsrType aliases to construct common Tensors
 NRegistrarsRegistrars for Triggers
 NttA collection of useful type traits
 NVariableFixingContains all variable fixers
 NvisHolds functions needed for visualizing data
 NXctsItems related to solving the Extended Conformal Thin Sandwich (XCTS) equations