SpECTRE  v2024.06.18
Namespace List
Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 NActionTestingStructures used for mocking the parallel components framework in order to test actions
 NaderNamespace containing functions and classes for ADER
 NalgUtility functions wrapping STL algorithms and additional algorithms
 NamrItems for adaptive mesh refinement
 NBnsInitialDataItems related to solving for irrotational Binary Neutron Star initial data
 NBurgersItems related to evolving the Burgers equation \(0 = \partial_t U + \partial_x\left(U^2/2\right)\)
 NCceThe set of utilities for performing Cauchy characteristic evolution and Cauchy characteristic matching
 NCcz4Items related to evolving the first-order CCZ4 system
 Ncontrol_systemControl systems and related functionality
 NConvergenceItems related to checking the convergence of numerical algorithms
 Ncpp20C++ STL code present in C++20
 Ncpp2bC++ STL code present in C++2b
 NCurvedScalarWaveItems related to evolving a scalar wave on a curved background
 Ncylindrical_endcap_helpersFunctions used in more than one cylindrical_endcap map
 NdbNamespace for DataBox related things
 NdeadlockNamespace for actions related to debugging deadlocks in communication
 NdgFunctionality related to discontinuous Galerkin schemes
 NDistributedLinearSolverAlgorithmTestHelpersFunctionality to test parallel linear solvers on multiple elements
 NdomainHolds entities related to the computational domain
 NElasticityItems related to solving elasticity problems
 NellipticItems related to composing nonlinear elliptic solver executables
 NEqualWithinRoundoffImplsSpecializations of EqualWithinRoundoffImpl for custom types, to add support for the equal_within_roundoff function
 NEquationsOfStateContains all equations of state, including base class
 NevolutionFunctionality for evolving hyperbolic partial differential equations
 NfdFunctions and classes for finite difference methods
 Nfile_systemA light-weight file system library based on POSIX
 NForceFreeItems related to evolving the GRFFE system with divergence cleaning
 NformalineFunctions for retrieving system and source tree information
 NFrameIndicates the Frame that a TensorIndexType is in
 NfunclHigher order function objects similar to std::plus, etc
 NghItems related to evolving the first-order generalized harmonic system
 NgrHolds functions related to general relativity
 NgrmhdItems related to general relativistic magnetohydrodynamics (GRMHD)