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domain::Tags::UnnormalizedFaceNormalCompute< VolumeDim, Frame > Struct Template Reference

Public Types

using base = UnnormalizedFaceNormal< VolumeDim, Frame >
using return_type = typename base::type
using argument_tags = tmpl::list< Mesh< VolumeDim - 1 >, ElementMap< VolumeDim, Frame >, Direction< VolumeDim > >
using volume_tags = tmpl::list< ElementMap< VolumeDim, Frame > >
- Public Types inherited from domain::Tags::UnnormalizedFaceNormal< VolumeDim, ::Frame::Inertial >
using type = tnsr::i< DataVector, VolumeDim, ::Frame::Inertial >

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr auto function

Member Data Documentation

◆ function

template<size_t VolumeDim, typename Frame = ::Frame::Inertial>
constexpr auto domain::Tags::UnnormalizedFaceNormalCompute< VolumeDim, Frame >::function
Initial value:
= static_cast<void (*)(
gsl::not_null<return_type*>, const ::Mesh<VolumeDim - 1>&,
const ::ElementMap<VolumeDim, Frame>&, const ::Direction<VolumeDim>&)>(
Holds the number of grid points, basis, and quadrature in each direction of the computational grid.
Definition: Mesh.hpp:53
Require a pointer to not be a nullptr
Definition: Gsl.hpp:183
void unnormalized_face_normal(const gsl::not_null< tnsr::i< DataVector, VolumeDim, TargetFrame > * > result, const Mesh< VolumeDim - 1 > &interface_mesh, const InverseJacobian< DataVector, VolumeDim, Frame::ElementLogical, TargetFrame > &inv_jacobian_on_interface, const Direction< VolumeDim > &direction)
Compute the outward grid normal on a face of an Element.

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