SpECTRE  v2024.06.18
Developer Guides

Adaptive Mesh Refinement

Charm++ Interface

Continuous Integration

Explanations on our automated tests and deployments can be found here.

CoordinateMap Guide

Methods for creating custom coordinate maps are discussed here.

Developing and Improving Executables

Foundational Concepts in SpECTRE

Designed to give the reader an introduction to SpECTRE's most recurring concepts and patterns.

General SpECTRE Terminology

Terms with SpECTRE-specific meanings are defined here.

Having your Contributions Merged into SpECTRE

Performance and Optimization

Technical Documentation for Fluent Developers

Assumes a thorough familiarity and fluency in SpECTRE's usage of TMP.

Template Metaprogramming (TMP)

Explanations for TMP concepts and patterns known to the greater C++ community can be found here.