SpECTRE  v2021.11.01
Automatic versioning

Our automated tests can tag and publish a release automatically when requested. The automation is implemented as a GitHub Actions workflow in the file .github/workflows/Tests.yaml.

Creating releases

The GitHub workflow responsible for automated testing also allows creating a release when dispatched manually. To create a release, follow the instructions to manually run a workflow:

To create a release you will have to run the workflow "Tests" on the develop branch and type in a valid release version name. The workflow will only create the release if the version name matches the format defined above and if it matches the date at the time the "Release version" job runs.

Release notes

The release notes are compiled automatically based on the activity in the repository since the last release. They will contain a list of merged pull-requests. Pull-requests labeled "new feature" or "bugfix" on GitHub will be classified as such in the release notes.

The script tools/CompileReleaseNotes.py generates the release notes and can also be invoked manually with a Python 3 interpreter to retrieve an overview of what happened in the repository recently. The script requires you install GitPython, PyGithub and tqdm in your Python environment.