SpECTRE  v2023.05.16
evolution::dg::subcell::fd::Actions::TakeTimeStep< TimeDerivative > Struct Template Reference

Take a finite-difference time step on the subcell grid. More...

#include <TakeTimeStep.hpp>

Static Public Member Functions

template<typename DbTags , typename... InboxTags, typename Metavariables , typename ArrayIndex , typename ActionList , typename ParallelComponent , size_t Dim = Metavariables::volume_dim>
static Parallel::iterable_action_return_t apply (db::DataBox< DbTags > &box, tuples::TaggedTuple< InboxTags... > &, const Parallel::GlobalCache< Metavariables > &, const ArrayIndex &, const ActionList, const ParallelComponent *const)

Detailed Description

template<typename TimeDerivative>
struct evolution::dg::subcell::fd::Actions::TakeTimeStep< TimeDerivative >

Take a finite-difference time step on the subcell grid.

The template parameter TimeDerivative must have a static apply function that takes the DataBox by gsl::not_null as the first argument, the cell-centered inverse Jacobian from the logical to the grid frame as the second argument, and its determinant as the third argument.

GlobalCache: nothing


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