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dg::SimpleMortarData< TemporalId, LocalVars, RemoteVars > Class Template Reference

Storage of boundary data on two sides of a mortar. More...

#include <SimpleMortarData.hpp>

Public Member Functions

void local_insert (TemporalId temporal_id, LocalVars vars) noexcept
 Add a value. This function must be called once between calls to extract.
void remote_insert (TemporalId temporal_id, RemoteVars vars) noexcept
std::pair< LocalVars, RemoteVars > extract () noexcept
 Return the inserted data and reset the state to empty.
void pup (PUP::er &p) noexcept
const LocalVars & local_data (const TemporalId &temporal_id) const noexcept
 Retrieve the local data at temporal_id
const RemoteVars & remote_data (const TemporalId &temporal_id) const noexcept
 Retrieve the remote data at temporal_id

Detailed Description

template<typename TemporalId, typename LocalVars, typename RemoteVars>
class dg::SimpleMortarData< TemporalId, LocalVars, RemoteVars >

Storage of boundary data on two sides of a mortar.

Typically, values are inserted into this container by the flux communication actions.

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