SpECTRE  v2024.04.12
CurvedScalarWave::CharacteristicFieldsCompute< SpatialDim > Struct Template Reference

Public Types

using base = Tags::CharacteristicFields< SpatialDim >
using return_type = typename base::type
using argument_tags = tmpl::list< Tags::ConstraintGamma2, gr::Tags::InverseSpatialMetric< DataVector, SpatialDim >, Tags::Psi, Tags::Pi, Tags::Phi< SpatialDim >, ::Tags::Normalized< domain::Tags::UnnormalizedFaceNormal< SpatialDim > > >
- Public Types inherited from CurvedScalarWave::Tags::CharacteristicFields< SpatialDim >
using type = Variables< tmpl::list< VPsi, VZero< Dim >, VPlus, VMinus > >

Static Public Member Functions

static constexpr void function (gsl::not_null< return_type * > result, const Scalar< DataVector > &gamma_2, const tnsr::II< DataVector, SpatialDim, Frame::Inertial > &inverse_spatial_metric, const Scalar< DataVector > &psi, const Scalar< DataVector > &pi, const tnsr::i< DataVector, SpatialDim, Frame::Inertial > &phi, const tnsr::i< DataVector, SpatialDim, Frame::Inertial > &unit_normal_one_form)

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