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Cce::H5WorldtubeBoundary< Metavariables > Struct Template Reference

Component that supplies CCE worldtube boundary data. More...

#include <WorldtubeBoundary.hpp>

Public Types

using base_type = WorldtubeComponentBase< H5WorldtubeBoundary< Metavariables >, Metavariables >
using const_global_cache_tags = tmpl::list< Tags::InitializeJ< Metavariables::evolve_ccm > >
using end_time_tag = Tags::EndTimeFromFile
- Public Types inherited from Cce::WorldtubeComponentBase< H5WorldtubeBoundary< Metavariables >, Metavariables >
using chare_type = Parallel::Algorithms::Singleton
using metavariables = Metavariables
using initialize_action_list = tmpl::list< Actions::InitializeWorldtubeBoundary< H5WorldtubeBoundary< Metavariables > >, Parallel::Actions::TerminatePhase >
using simple_tags_from_options = Parallel::get_simple_tags_from_options< initialize_action_list >
using worldtube_boundary_computation_steps = tmpl::list<>
using phase_dependent_action_list = tmpl::list< Parallel::PhaseActions< Parallel::Phase::Initialization, initialize_action_list >, Parallel::PhaseActions< Parallel::Phase::Evolve, worldtube_boundary_computation_steps > >
using options = tmpl::list<>

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Cce::WorldtubeComponentBase< H5WorldtubeBoundary< Metavariables >, Metavariables >
static void initialize (Parallel::CProxy_GlobalCache< Metavariables > &)
static void execute_next_phase (const Parallel::Phase next_phase, const Parallel::CProxy_GlobalCache< Metavariables > &global_cache)

Detailed Description

template<class Metavariables>
struct Cce::H5WorldtubeBoundary< Metavariables >

Component that supplies CCE worldtube boundary data.


The DataBox associated with the worldtube boundary component contains a data manager (e.g. WorldtubeDataManager) linked to an H5 file. The data manager handles buffering and interpolating to desired target time points when requested via the simple action BoundaryComputeAndSendToEvolution, at which point it will send the required collection of boundary quantities to the identified 'CharacteristicEvolution' component. It is assumed that the simple action BoundaryComputeAndSendToEvolution will only be called during the Evolve phase.

Uses const global tags:

Metavariables must contain:

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