SpECTRE  v2022.05.05
Options Namespace Reference

Utilities for parsing input files. More...


namespace  AutoLabel
 The label representing the absence of a value for Options::Auto


struct  Alternatives
 Provide multiple ways to construct a class. More...
class  Auto
 A class indicating that a parsed value can be automatically computed instead of specified. More...
class  Comparator
 An option-creatable mathematical comparison. More...
struct  Context
 Information about the nested operations being performed by the parser, for use in printing errors. A default-constructed Context is printed as an empty string. This struct is primarily used as an argument to PARSE_ERROR for reporting input file parsing errors. Users outside of the core option parsing code should not need to manipulate the contents. More...
struct  create_from_yaml
 Used by the parser to create an object. The default action is to parse options using T::options. This struct may be specialized to change that behavior for specific types. More...
struct  create_from_yaml< Auto< T, Label > >
struct  create_from_yaml< blaze::CompressedMatrix< Type, SO, Tag > >
struct  create_from_yaml< blaze::CompressedVector< T, TF, Tag > >
struct  create_from_yaml< blaze::DynamicMatrix< Type, SO, Alloc, Tag > >
struct  create_from_yaml< blaze::DynamicVector< T, TF, Tag > >
struct  create_from_yaml< blaze::StaticMatrix< Type, M, N, SO, AF, PF, Tag > >
struct  create_from_yaml< blaze::StaticVector< T, N, TF, AF, PF, Tag > >
struct  create_from_yaml< Cce::InitializeJ::ConformalFactorIterationHeuristic >
struct  create_from_yaml< Comparator >
struct  create_from_yaml< Convergence::Reason >
struct  create_from_yaml< DenseTriggers::Or >
struct  create_from_yaml< DenseTriggers::Times >
struct  create_from_yaml< domain::CoordinateMaps::Distribution >
struct  create_from_yaml< EventsAndTriggers >
struct  create_from_yaml< evolution::EventsAndDenseTriggers >
struct  create_from_yaml< FastFlow::FlowType >
struct  create_from_yaml< FloatingPointType >
struct  create_from_yaml< GeneralizedHarmonic::BoundaryConditions::detail::ConstraintPreservingBjorhusType >
struct  create_from_yaml< gr::Solutions::TovCoordinates >
struct  create_from_yaml< importers::ObservationSelector >
struct  create_from_yaml< Limiters::MinmodType >
struct  create_from_yaml< Limiters::WenoType >
struct  create_from_yaml< NewtonianEuler::Limiters::VariablesToLimit >
struct  create_from_yaml< Options::Options_detail::variant_parse_error< T... > >
struct  create_from_yaml< ScalarWave::BoundaryConditions::detail::ConstraintPreservingSphericalRadiationType >
struct  create_from_yaml< ScalarWave::BoundaryConditions::detail::SphericalRadiationType >
struct  create_from_yaml< ShellWedges >
struct  create_from_yaml< std::complex< double > >
 Parse complex numbers as pairs of doubles.
struct  create_from_yaml< std::unique_ptr< T > >
struct  create_from_yaml< std::unordered_map< K, V, H, P > >
struct  create_from_yaml< std::variant< T... > >
struct  create_from_yaml< StepChoosers::Constant< StepChooserUse > >
struct  create_from_yaml< Triggers::And >
struct  create_from_yaml< Triggers::NearTimes_enums::Unit >
struct  create_from_yaml< Triggers::Not >
struct  create_from_yaml< Triggers::Or >
struct  create_from_yaml< Triggers::Slabs >
struct  create_from_yaml< Triggers::Times >
struct  create_from_yaml< typename Triggers::NearTimes_enums::Direction >
struct  create_from_yaml< Verbosity >
struct  create_from_yaml< Xcts::Solutions::SchwarzschildCoordinates >
struct  InputSource
 Option parser tag to retrieve the YAML source and all applied overlays. This tag can be requested without providing it as a template parameter to the Parser. More...
class  Option
 The type that options are passed around as. Contains YAML node data and an Context. More...
class  Parser
 Class that handles parsing an input file. More...


template<typename FactoryClasses , typename... NewClasses>
using add_factory_classes = typename detail::add_factory_classes< FactoryClasses, NewClasses... >::type
 Add new factory-creatable classes to the list in a factory_creation struct. More...
using String = const char *const
 The string used in option structs.


template<typename T , typename Label >
bool operator== (const Auto< T, Label > &a, const Auto< T, Label > &b)
template<typename T , typename Label >
bool operator!= (const Auto< T, Label > &a, const Auto< T, Label > &b)
template<typename T , typename Label >
std::ostreamoperator<< (std::ostream &os, const Auto< T, Label > &x)
std::ostreamoperator<< (std::ostream &s, const Context &c)

Detailed Description

Utilities for parsing input files.

Typedef Documentation

◆ add_factory_classes

template<typename FactoryClasses , typename... NewClasses>
using Options::add_factory_classes = typedef typename detail::add_factory_classes<FactoryClasses, NewClasses...>::type

Add new factory-creatable classes to the list in a factory_creation struct.

For each tmpl::pair<Base, DerivedList> in the NewClasses parameter pack, append the classes in DerivedList to the list for Base in FactoryClasses. The FactoryClasses map need not have a preexisting entry for Base.

This example adds three new derived classes, two for one base class and one for another.

using new_classes = Options::add_factory_classes<
tmpl::list<Derived<Label<3>>, Derived<Label<4>>>>,
tmpl::pair<Base<Label<2>>, tmpl::list<Derived<Label<5>>>>>;
typename detail::add_factory_classes< FactoryClasses, NewClasses... >::type add_factory_classes
Add new factory-creatable classes to the list in a factory_creation struct.
Definition: FactoryHelpers.hpp:51
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