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grmhd::ValenciaDivClean::subcell::SwapGrTags Struct Reference

Swaps the inactive and active GR variables. More...

#include <SwapGrTags.hpp>

Public Types

using return_tags = tmpl::list< typename System::spacetime_variables_tag, evolution::dg::subcell::Tags::Inactive< typename System::spacetime_variables_tag > >
using argument_tags = tmpl::list<::domain::Tags::Mesh< 3 >, evolution::dg::subcell::Tags::Mesh< 3 >, evolution::dg::subcell::Tags::ActiveGrid >

Static Public Member Functions

static void apply (gsl::not_null< Variables< typename System::spacetime_variables_tag::tags_list > * > active_gr_vars, gsl::not_null< typename evolution::dg::subcell::Tags::Inactive< typename System::spacetime_variables_tag >::type * > inactive_gr_vars, const Mesh< 3 > &dg_mesh, const Mesh< 3 > &subcell_mesh, evolution::dg::subcell::ActiveGrid active_grid) noexcept

Detailed Description

Swaps the inactive and active GR variables.

The values on the subcells are at the cell-centers.

It should be possible to reduce memory usage by deallocating the GR variables on the DG grid when switching to subcell. However, the opposite case is not true since the GR variables are needed on the subcells if a neighbor is using subcell in order to compute the neighbor's fluxes.

The active_grid is the grid we are swapping to, which may be the same as the current grid. On output the active_gr_vars will match the grid that active_grid is. This mutator is a no-op if they matched on input.

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