SpECTRE  v2024.05.11
Ccz4::Tags::GammaHat< DataType, Dim, Frame > Struct Template Reference

The CCZ4 evolved variable \(\hat{\Gamma}^i\). More...

#include <Tags.hpp>

Public Types

using type = tnsr::I< DataType, Dim, Frame >

Detailed Description

template<typename DataType, size_t Dim, typename Frame>
struct Ccz4::Tags::GammaHat< DataType, Dim, Frame >

The CCZ4 evolved variable \(\hat{\Gamma}^i\).


This must satisfy the identity:

\begin{align} \hat{\Gamma}^i &= \tilde{\Gamma}^i + 2 \tilde{\gamma}^{ij} Z_j \end{align}

where \(\tilde{\gamma}^{ij}\) is the inverse conformal spatial metric defined by Ccz4::Tags::InverseConformalMetric, \(Z_i\) is the spatial part of the Z4 constraint defined by Ccz4::Tags::SpatialZ4Constraint, and \(\tilde{\Gamma}^i\) is the contraction of the conformal spatial christoffel symbols of the second kind defined by Ccz4::Tags::ContractedConformalChristoffelSecondKind.

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