SpECTRE  v2024.06.05
CurvedScalarWave::BoundaryCorrections Namespace Reference

Boundary corrections/numerical fluxes. More...


class  BoundaryCorrection
 The base class used to make boundary corrections factory createable so they can be specified in the input file. More...
class  UpwindPenalty
 Computes the upwind multipenalty boundary correction for scalar wave in curved spacetime. More...


void register_derived_with_charm ()
template<size_t Dim>
bool operator== (const UpwindPenalty< Dim > &lhs, const UpwindPenalty< Dim > &rhs)
template<size_t Dim>
bool operator!= (const UpwindPenalty< Dim > &lhs, const UpwindPenalty< Dim > &rhs)

Detailed Description

Boundary corrections/numerical fluxes.