SpECTRE  v2024.04.12
Cce::ComputeKleinGordonSource< Tags::BondiQ > Struct Reference

Computes the Klein-Gordon source of the Bondi \(Q\). More...

#include <KleinGordonSource.hpp>

Public Types

using return_tags = tmpl::list< Tags::KleinGordonSource< Tags::BondiQ > >
using argument_tags = tmpl::list< Tags::Dy< Tags::KleinGordonPsi >, Spectral::Swsh::Tags::Derivative< Tags::KleinGordonPsi, Spectral::Swsh::Tags::Eth > >

Static Public Member Functions

static void apply (gsl::not_null< Scalar< SpinWeighted< ComplexDataVector, 1 > > * > kg_source_q, const Scalar< SpinWeighted< ComplexDataVector, 0 > > &dy_kg_psi, const Scalar< SpinWeighted< ComplexDataVector, 1 > > &eth_kg_psi)

Detailed Description

Computes the Klein-Gordon source of the Bondi \(Q\).


Following the nomenclature of [134] and their Eq. (49), the scalar field contributes only to the regular part of the source term \(S_2^R\). The expression reads:

\begin{align*} 16 \pi \eth\psi \partial_y\psi, \end{align*}

where \(\psi\) is the Klein-Gordon (scalar) field.

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