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ComplexDataVector Class Reference

Stores a collection of complex function values. More...

#include <ComplexDataVector.hpp>

Public Types

using BaseType = VectorImpl< std::complex< double >, ComplexDataVector >

Public Member Functions

 ComplexDataVector (const ComplexDataVector &)=default
 ComplexDataVector (ComplexDataVector &&)=default
ComplexDataVectoroperator= (const ComplexDataVector &)=default
ComplexDataVectoroperator= (ComplexDataVector &&)=default

Detailed Description

Stores a collection of complex function values.


Use ComplexDataVector to represent function values on the computational domain. Note that interpreting the data also requires knowledge of the points that these function values correspond to.

A ComplexDataVector holds an array of contiguous data. The ComplexDataVector can be owning, meaning the array is deleted when the ComplexDataVector goes out of scope, or non-owning, meaning it just has a pointer to an array.

Refer to the Data Structures documentation for a list of other available types.

ComplexDataVectors support a variety of mathematical operations that are applicable contiguous data. In addition to common arithmetic operations such as element-wise addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, element-wise operations between ComplexDataVector and DataVector are supported. See [blaze-wiki/Vector_Operations] (https://bitbucket.org/blaze-lib/blaze/wiki/Vector%20Operations).

in addition, support is provided for:

  • abs (returns DataVector, as the result is real)
  • conj
  • imag (returns DataVector, as the result is real)
  • real (returns DataVector, as the result is real)

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