SpECTRE  v2022.09.02
Burgers::BoundaryConditions Namespace Reference

Boundary conditions for the Burgers system. More...


class  BoundaryCondition
 The base class off of which all boundary conditions must inherit. More...
class  Dirichlet
class  DirichletAnalytic
 Sets Dirichlet boundary conditions using the analytic solution or analytic data. More...
class  Outflow
 A boundary condition that only verifies that all characteristic speeds are directed out of the domain; no boundary data is altered by this boundary condition. More...


using standard_boundary_conditions = tmpl::list< Dirichlet, DirichletAnalytic, Outflow, domain::BoundaryConditions::Periodic< BoundaryCondition > >
 Typelist of standard BoundaryConditions.

Detailed Description

Boundary conditions for the Burgers system.