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Burgers::BoundaryConditions::Dirichlet Class Referencefinal


struct  U

Public Types

using options = tmpl::list< U >
using dg_interior_evolved_variables_tags = tmpl::list<>
using dg_interior_temporary_tags = tmpl::list<>
using dg_gridless_tags = tmpl::list<>
using fd_interior_evolved_variables_tags = tmpl::list<>
using fd_interior_temporary_tags = tmpl::list<>
using fd_gridless_tags = tmpl::list<>

Public Member Functions

 Dirichlet (double u_value)
 Dirichlet (Dirichlet &&)=default
Dirichletoperator= (Dirichlet &&)=default
 Dirichlet (const Dirichlet &)=default
Dirichletoperator= (const Dirichlet &)=default
 Dirichlet (CkMigrateMessage *msg)
 WRAPPED_PUPable_decl_base_template (BoundaryCondition, Dirichlet)
auto get_clone () const -> std::unique_ptr< domain::BoundaryConditions::BoundaryCondition > override
void pup (PUP::er &p) override
std::optional< std::stringdg_ghost (gsl::not_null< Scalar< DataVector > * > u, gsl::not_null< tnsr::I< DataVector, 1, Frame::Inertial > * > flux_u, const std::optional< tnsr::I< DataVector, 1, Frame::Inertial > > &, const tnsr::i< DataVector, 1, Frame::Inertial > &) const
void fd_ghost (gsl::not_null< Scalar< DataVector > * > u, const Direction< 1 > &) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Burgers::BoundaryConditions::BoundaryCondition
 BoundaryCondition (BoundaryCondition &&)=default
BoundaryConditionoperator= (BoundaryCondition &&)=default
 BoundaryCondition (const BoundaryCondition &)=default
BoundaryConditionoperator= (const BoundaryCondition &)=default
 BoundaryCondition (CkMigrateMessage *msg)
void pup (PUP::er &p) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from domain::BoundaryConditions::BoundaryCondition
 BoundaryCondition (BoundaryCondition &&)=default
BoundaryConditionoperator= (BoundaryCondition &&)=default
 BoundaryCondition (const BoundaryCondition &)=default
BoundaryConditionoperator= (const BoundaryCondition &)=default
 BoundaryCondition (CkMigrateMessage *const msg)
 WRAPPED_PUPable_abstract (BoundaryCondition)
virtual auto get_clone () const -> std::unique_ptr< BoundaryCondition >=0

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr Options::String help
static constexpr evolution::BoundaryConditions::Type bc_type

Member Function Documentation

◆ get_clone()

auto Burgers::BoundaryConditions::Dirichlet::get_clone ( ) const -> std::unique_ptr< domain::BoundaryConditions::BoundaryCondition >

Member Data Documentation

◆ bc_type

constexpr evolution::BoundaryConditions::Type Burgers::BoundaryConditions::Dirichlet::bc_type
Initial value:

◆ help

constexpr Options::String Burgers::BoundaryConditions::Dirichlet::help
Initial value:
"Dirichlet boundary condition setting the value of U to "
"a time-independent constant."}

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