SpECTRE  v2023.05.16
CurvedScalarWave::BoundaryConditions Namespace Reference

Boundary conditions for the curved scalar wave system. More...


class  BoundaryCondition
 The base class off of which all boundary conditions must inherit. More...
class  ConstraintPreservingSphericalRadiation
 Implements constraint-preserving boundary conditions with a second order Bayliss-Turkel radiation boundary condition. More...
class  DemandOutgoingCharSpeeds
 A BoundaryCondition that only verifies that all characteristic speeds are directed out of the domain; no boundary data is altered by this boundary condition. More...
class  Worldtube
 Sets boundary conditions for the elements abutting the worldtube using a combination of constraint-preserving boundary conditions and the local solution evolved inside the worldtube. More...


template<size_t Dim>
using standard_boundary_conditions = tmpl::list< ConstraintPreservingSphericalRadiation< Dim >, DemandOutgoingCharSpeeds< Dim >, domain::BoundaryConditions::Periodic< BoundaryCondition< Dim > > >
 Typelist of standard BoundaryConditions.

Detailed Description

Boundary conditions for the curved scalar wave system.