SpECTRE  v2024.04.12
Ccz4::Tags::KMinusK0Minus2ThetaC< DataType > Struct Template Reference

The CCZ4 temporary expression \(K - K_0 - 2 \Theta c\). More...

#include <TempTags.hpp>

Public Types

using type = Scalar< DataType >

Detailed Description

template<typename DataType>
struct Ccz4::Tags::KMinusK0Minus2ThetaC< DataType >

The CCZ4 temporary expression \(K - K_0 - 2 \Theta c\).


Here, \(K\) is the trace of the extrinsic curvature defined by gr::Tags::TraceExtrinsicCurvature, \(K_0\) is the initial time derivative of the lapse, \(\Theta\) is the projection of the Z4 four-vector along the normal direction, and \(c\) controls whether to include algebraic source terms proportional to \(\Theta\).

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