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amr::Criteria::IncreaseResolution< Dim > Class Template Reference

Uniformly increases the number of grid points by one. More...

#include <IncreaseResolution.hpp>

Public Types

using options = tmpl::list<>
using compute_tags_for_observation_box = tmpl::list<>
using argument_tags = tmpl::list<>

Public Member Functions

template<typename Metavariables >
std::array< Flag, Dim > operator() (Parallel::GlobalCache< Metavariables > &, const ElementId< Dim > &) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from amr::Criterion
 Criterion (CkMigrateMessage *msg)
 WRAPPED_PUPable_abstract (Criterion)
template<typename ComputeTagsList , typename DataBoxType , typename Metavariables >
auto evaluate (const ObservationBox< ComputeTagsList, DataBoxType > &box, Parallel::GlobalCache< Metavariables > &cache, const ElementId< Metavariables::volume_dim > &element_id) const
 Evaluates the AMR criteria by selecting the appropriate derived class and forwarding its argument_tags from the ObservationBox (along with the GlobalCache and ArrayIndex) to the call operator of the derived class. More...

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr Options::String help

Detailed Description

template<size_t Dim>
class amr::Criteria::IncreaseResolution< Dim >

Uniformly increases the number of grid points by one.

Useful to do uniform p-refinement, possibly alongside a nontrivial h-refinement criterion.

Member Data Documentation

◆ help

template<size_t Dim>
constexpr Options::String amr::Criteria::IncreaseResolution< Dim >::help
Initial value:
= {
"Uniformly increases the number of grid points by one."}

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