SpECTRE  v2024.06.05
domain::creators::Sphere::RadialDistribution Struct Reference

Public Types

using type = std::variant< domain::CoordinateMaps::Distribution, std::vector< domain::CoordinateMaps::Distribution > >

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr Options::String help

Member Data Documentation

◆ help

constexpr Options::String domain::creators::Sphere::RadialDistribution::help
Initial value:
= {
"Select the radial distribution of grid points in each spherical "
"shell. There must be N+1 radial distributions specified for N radial "
"partitions. If the interior of the sphere is filled with a cube, the "
"innermost shell must have a 'Linear' distribution because it changes "
"in sphericity. You can also specify just a single radial distribution "
"(not in a vector) which will use the same distribution for all "

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