SpECTRE  v2024.06.18
domain::BoundaryConditions::MarkAsPeriodic Class Referenceabstract

Mark a boundary condition as being periodic. More...

#include <Periodic.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 MarkAsPeriodic (MarkAsPeriodic &&)=default
MarkAsPeriodicoperator= (MarkAsPeriodic &&)=default
 MarkAsPeriodic (const MarkAsPeriodic &)=default
MarkAsPeriodicoperator= (const MarkAsPeriodic &)=default

Detailed Description

Mark a boundary condition as being periodic.

Periodic boundary conditions shouldn't require any implementation outside of a check in the domain creator using the is_periodic() function to determine what boundaries are periodic. Across each matching pair of periodic boundary conditions, the domain creator should specify that the DG elements are neighbors of each other.

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