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Cce::GhWorldtubeBoundary< Metavariables > Struct Template Reference

Component that supplies CCE worldtube boundary data sourced from a running GH system. More...

#include <WorldtubeBoundary.hpp>

Public Types

using chare_type = Parallel::Algorithms::Singleton
using metavariables = Metavariables
using initialize_action_list = tmpl::list< Actions::InitializeGhWorldtubeBoundary, Initialization::Actions::RemoveOptionsAndTerminatePhase >
using initialization_tags = Parallel::get_initialization_tags< initialize_action_list >
using worldtube_boundary_computation_steps = tmpl::list<>
using phase_dependent_action_list = tmpl::list< Parallel::PhaseActions< typename Metavariables::Phase, Metavariables::Phase::Initialization, initialize_action_list >, Parallel::PhaseActions< typename Metavariables::Phase, Metavariables::Phase::Evolve, worldtube_boundary_computation_steps > >
using const_global_cache_tag_list = Parallel::detail::get_const_global_cache_tags_from_pdal< phase_dependent_action_list >
using options = tmpl::list<>

Static Public Member Functions

static void initialize (Parallel::CProxy_ConstGlobalCache< Metavariables > &) noexcept
static void execute_next_phase (const typename Metavariables::Phase next_phase, const Parallel::CProxy_ConstGlobalCache< Metavariables > &global_cache) noexcept

Detailed Description

template<class Metavariables>
struct Cce::GhWorldtubeBoundary< Metavariables >

Component that supplies CCE worldtube boundary data sourced from a running GH system.


The DataBox associated with the worldtube boundary component contains an interface manager (derived from Cce::GhWorldtubeInterfaceManager) that stores and provides the data received from the GH system. The data manager handles buffering and interpolating to desired target time points when requested via the simple action Cce::Actions::BoundaryComputeAndSendToEvolution, at which point it will send the required collection of boundary quantities to the identified CharacteristicEvolution component. It is assumed that the simple action Cce::Actions::BoundaryComputeAndSendToEvolution will only be called during the Evolve phase.

Uses const global tags:

Metavariables must contain:

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