SpECTRE  v2024.06.05
control_system::OptionHolder< ControlSystem > Struct Template Reference

Holds all options for a single control system. More...

#include <OptionTags.hpp>


struct  Averager
struct  ControlError
struct  Controller
struct  IsActive
struct  TimescaleTuner

Public Types

using control_system = ControlSystem
using options = tmpl::list< IsActive, Averager, Controller, TimescaleTuner, ControlError >

Public Member Functions

 OptionHolder (const bool input_is_active, ::Averager< deriv_order - 1 > input_averager, ::Controller< deriv_order > input_controller, ::TimescaleTuner< not is_size > input_tuner, typename ControlSystem::control_error input_control_error)
 OptionHolder (const OptionHolder &)=default
OptionHolderoperator= (const OptionHolder &)=default
 OptionHolder (OptionHolder &&)=default
OptionHolderoperator= (OptionHolder &&)=default
void pup (PUP::er &p)

Public Attributes

bool is_active {true}
::Averager< deriv_order - 1 > averager {}
::Controller< deriv_order > controller {}
::TimescaleTuner< not is_size > tuner {}
ControlSystem::control_error control_error {}

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr size_t deriv_order = control_system::deriv_order
static constexpr Options::String help = {"Options for a control system."}

Detailed Description

template<typename ControlSystem>
struct control_system::OptionHolder< ControlSystem >

Holds all options for a single control system.

This struct collects all the options for a given control system during option parsing. Then during initialization, the options can be retrieved via their public member names and assigned to their corresponding DataBox tags.

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