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domain::BoundaryConditions::None< SystemBoundaryConditionBaseClass > Struct Template Referencefinal

None boundary conditions. More...

#include <None.hpp>

Public Types

using options = tmpl::list<>

Public Member Functions

 None (None &&)=default
Noneoperator= (None &&)=default
 None (const None &)=default
Noneoperator= (const None &)=default
 None (CkMigrateMessage *msg)
 WRAPPED_PUPable_decl_base_template (domain::BoundaryConditions::BoundaryCondition, None)
auto get_clone () const -> std::unique_ptr< domain::BoundaryConditions::BoundaryCondition > override
void pup (PUP::er &p) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from domain::BoundaryConditions::MarkAsNone
 MarkAsNone (MarkAsNone &&)=default
MarkAsNoneoperator= (MarkAsNone &&)=default
 MarkAsNone (const MarkAsNone &)=default
MarkAsNoneoperator= (const MarkAsNone &)=default

Static Public Member Functions

static std::string name ()

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr Options::String help

Detailed Description

template<typename SystemBoundaryConditionBaseClass>
struct domain::BoundaryConditions::None< SystemBoundaryConditionBaseClass >

None boundary conditions.

This boundary condition doesn't actually do anything, and gets pretty much completely ignored by everything but the domain creator internals. The domain creator internals can use None as a way of specifying "boundary conditions" without a system. It can also be used in cases like the BinaryCompactObject domain where there may be no excision boundaries, and so the excision boundary condition must be None in that case so the domain creator can be sure the domain is set in a consistent state.

To use with a specific system add:

to the list of creatable classes.

if you want an outflow-type boundary condition, you must implement one, not use `None.

Member Data Documentation

◆ help

template<typename SystemBoundaryConditionBaseClass >
constexpr Options::String domain::BoundaryConditions::None< SystemBoundaryConditionBaseClass >::help
Initial value:
"None boundary condition. Used only during domain creation to ensure a "
"consistent state to the domain."}

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