SpECTRE  v2024.03.19
Cce::PreSwshDerivatives< Tags::Exp2Beta > Struct Reference

Compute \(\exp(2 \beta)\). More...

#include <PreSwshDerivatives.hpp>

Public Types

using pre_swsh_derivative_tags = tmpl::list< Tags::BondiBeta >
using swsh_derivative_tags = tmpl::list<>
using integrand_tags = tmpl::list<>
using return_tags = tmpl::list< Tags::Exp2Beta >
using argument_tags = pre_swsh_derivative_tags

Static Public Member Functions

static void apply (const gsl::not_null< Scalar< SpinWeighted< ComplexDataVector, 0 > > * > exp_2_beta, const Scalar< SpinWeighted< ComplexDataVector, 0 > > &beta)

Detailed Description

Compute \(\exp(2 \beta)\).

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