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Xcts::Tags::ShiftExcess< DataType, Dim, Frame > Struct Template Reference

The dynamic part \(\beta^i_\mathrm{excess}\) of the shift \(\beta^i=\beta^i_\mathrm{background} + \beta^i_\mathrm{excess}\). More...

#include <Tags.hpp>

Public Types

using type = tnsr::I< DataType, Dim, Frame >

Detailed Description

template<typename DataType, size_t Dim, typename Frame>
struct Xcts::Tags::ShiftExcess< DataType, Dim, Frame >

The dynamic part \(\beta^i_\mathrm{excess}\) of the shift \(\beta^i=\beta^i_\mathrm{background} + \beta^i_\mathrm{excess}\).

We commonly split off the part of the shift that diverges at large coordinate distances (the "background" shift \(\beta^i_\mathrm{background}\)) and solve only for the remainder (the "excess" shift \(\beta^i_\mathrm{excess}\)). For example, the background shift might be a uniform rotation \(\beta^i_\mathrm{background}=(-\Omega y, \Omega x, 0)\) with angular velocity \(\Omega\) around the z-axis, given here in Cartesian coordinates.

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