SpECTRE  v2024.06.05
Cce::PreSwshDerivatives< Tags::BondiUbar > Struct Reference

Compute \(\bar{U}\). More...

#include <PreSwshDerivatives.hpp>

Public Types

using pre_swsh_derivative_tags = tmpl::list< Tags::BondiU >
using swsh_derivative_tags = tmpl::list<>
using integrand_tags = tmpl::list<>
using return_tags = tmpl::list< Tags::BondiUbar >
using argument_tags = pre_swsh_derivative_tags

Static Public Member Functions

static void apply (const gsl::not_null< Scalar< SpinWeighted< ComplexDataVector, -1 > > * > ubar, const Scalar< SpinWeighted< ComplexDataVector, 1 > > &u)

Detailed Description

Compute \(\bar{U}\).

Computing \(\bar{U}\) should be unnecessary in most execution procedures, as all quantities should be derived from \(U\) and its derivatives followed by explicit conjugation operations, which are expected to be sufficiently cheap to avoid the storage cost of recording the conjugates.

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