SpECTRE  v2024.06.05
control_system::size::Info Struct Reference

Holds information that is saved between calls of SizeControl. More...

#include <Info.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 Info (const Info &rhs)
Infooperator= (const Info &rhs)
 Info (Info &&rhs)=default
Infooperator= (Info &&rhs)=default
 Info (std::unique_ptr< State > in_state, double in_damping_time, double in_target_char_speed, double in_target_drift_velocity, std::optional< double > in_suggested_time_scale, bool in_discontinuous_change_has_occurred)
void pup (PUP::er &p)
void reset ()
 Reset discontinuous_change_has_occurred and suggested_time_scale

Public Attributes

std::unique_ptr< Statestate
 The current state of size control.
double damping_time
 The current damping time associated with size control.
double target_char_speed
 target_char_speed is what the characteristic speed is driven toward in state Label::AhSpeed.
double target_drift_velocity
 target_drift_velocity is what dr/dt (where r and t are distorted frame variables) of the excision boundary is driven toward in state Label::Initial.
std::optional< double > suggested_time_scale
 Sometimes State::update will request that damping_time be changed; the new suggested value is suggested_time_scale. If it is a std::nullopt then there is no suggestion.
bool discontinuous_change_has_occurred
 discontinuous_change_has_occurred is set to true by State::update if it changes anything in such a way that the control signal jumps discontinuously in time.

Detailed Description

Holds information that is saved between calls of SizeControl.

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