SpECTRE  v2024.04.12
amr::protocols::AmrMetavariables Struct Reference

Compile-time information for AMR projectors. More...

#include <AmrMetavariables.hpp>


struct  test

Detailed Description

Compile-time information for AMR projectors.

A class conforming to this protocol is placed in the metavariables to provide the following:

Here is an example for a class conforming to this protocol:

struct amr : tt::ConformsTo<::amr::protocols::AmrMetavariables> {
using element_array = ElementArray;
using projectors =
Items for adaptive mesh refinement.
Definition: Amr.hpp:8
Initialize/update items related to coordinate maps after an AMR change.
Definition: DgDomain.hpp:167
Indicate a class conforms to the Protocol.
Definition: ProtocolHelpers.hpp:22

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