SpECTRE  v2024.06.18
amr::protocols::Projector Struct Reference

A DataBox mutator used in AMR actions. More...

#include <Projector.hpp>


struct  test

Detailed Description

A DataBox mutator used in AMR actions.

A class conforming to this protocol can be used as a projector in the list of projectors for a class conforming to amr::protocols::AmrMetavariables. The conforming class will be used when adaptive mesh refinement occurs to either initialize items on a newly created element of a DgElementArray, or update items on an existing element.

The conforming class must provide the following:

In amr::Actions::AdjustDomain the projectors are called on all elements that were not h-refined (i.e. split or joined) even if their Mesh did not change. This allows a projector to mutate a mutable item that depends upon information about the neighboring elements. Therefore a particular projector may want to check whether or not the Mesh changed before projecting any data.

For examples, see Initialization::ProjectTimeStepping and evolution::dg::Initialization::ProjectDomain

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