SpECTRE  v2022.05.05
Cce::Actions::InitializeWorldtubeBoundary< GhWorldtubeBoundary< Metavariables > > Struct Template Reference

Initializes a GhWorldtubeBoundary. More...

#include <InitializeWorldtubeBoundary.hpp>

Public Types

using base_type = detail::InitializeWorldtubeBoundaryBase< InitializeWorldtubeBoundary< GhWorldtubeBoundary< Metavariables > >, tmpl::list< Tags::GhInterfaceManager, Tags::SelfStartGhInterfaceManager >, typename Metavariables::cce_boundary_communication_tags >
using const_global_cache_tags = tmpl::list< Tags::LMax, InitializationTags::ExtractionRadius, Tags::NoEndTime, Tags::SpecifiedStartTime >

Detailed Description

template<typename Metavariables>
struct Cce::Actions::InitializeWorldtubeBoundary< GhWorldtubeBoundary< Metavariables > >

Initializes a GhWorldtubeBoundary.



Databox changes:

  • Adds:
  • Removes: nothing
  • Modifies: nothing
This action relies on the SetupDataBox aggregated initialization mechanism, so Actions::SetupDataBox must be present in the Initialization phase action list prior to this action.

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