SpECTRE  v2024.06.05
amr::Component< Metavariables > Struct Template Reference

A singleton parallel component to manage adaptive mesh refinement. More...

#include <Component.hpp>

Public Types

using metavariables = Metavariables
using chare_type = Parallel::Algorithms::Singleton
using const_global_cache_tags = tmpl::list< amr::Criteria::Tags::Criteria, amr::Tags::Policies, logging::Tags::Verbosity< amr::OptionTags::AmrGroup > >
using phase_dependent_action_list = tmpl::list< Parallel::PhaseActions< Parallel::Phase::Initialization, tmpl::list<> > >
using simple_tags_from_options = Parallel::get_simple_tags_from_options< Parallel::get_initialization_actions_list< phase_dependent_action_list > >

Static Public Member Functions

static void execute_next_phase (const Parallel::Phase next_phase, Parallel::CProxy_GlobalCache< Metavariables > &global_cache_proxy)

Detailed Description

template<class Metavariables>
struct amr::Component< Metavariables >

A singleton parallel component to manage adaptive mesh refinement.


This component can be used for:

  • Running actions that create new elements. This may be necessary to work around Charm++ bugs, and may require the singleton to be placed on global processor 0.
  • As a reduction target to perform sanity checks after AMR, output AMR diagnostics, or determine when to trigger AMR.

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