SpECTRE  v2024.06.18
domain::CoordinateMaps::TimeDependent Namespace Reference

Contains the time-dependent coordinate maps. More...


class  CubicScale
 Maps the radius as \(r(t) = a(t)\rho + \left(b(t) - a(t)\right) \frac{\rho^3} {R^2}\) where \(\rho\) is the radius of the source coordinates. More...
class  ProductOf2Maps
 Product of two codimension=0 CoordinateMaps, where one or both must be time-dependent. More...
class  ProductOf3Maps
 Product of three one-dimensional CoordinateMaps. More...
class  Rotation
 Time-dependent spatial rotation in two or three dimensions. More...
class  RotScaleTrans
 RotScaleTrans map which applies a combination of rotation, expansion, and translation based on which maps are supplied. More...
class  Shape
 Distorts a distribution of points radially according to a spherical harmonic expansion while preserving angles. More...
class  SphericalCompression
 Time-dependent compression of a finite 3D spherical volume. More...
class  Translation
 Translation map defined by \(\vec{x} = \vec{\xi}+F(r)\vec{T}(t)\) where \(F(r)\) takes on different forms based on which constructor is used. More...


template<size_t Dim>
bool operator!= (const CubicScale< Dim > &lhs, const CubicScale< Dim > &rhs)
template<typename Map1 , typename Map2 >
bool operator!= (const ProductOf2Maps< Map1, Map2 > &lhs, const ProductOf2Maps< Map1, Map2 > &rhs)
template<typename Map1 , typename Map2 , typename Map3 >
bool operator!= (const ProductOf3Maps< Map1, Map2, Map3 > &lhs, const ProductOf3Maps< Map1, Map2, Map3 > &rhs)
template<size_t Dim>
bool operator!= (const Rotation< Dim > &lhs, const Rotation< Dim > &rhs)
template<size_t Dim>
bool operator!= (const RotScaleTrans< Dim > &lhs, const RotScaleTrans< Dim > &rhs)
bool operator!= (const Shape &lhs, const Shape &rhs)
template<bool InteriorMap>
bool operator!= (const SphericalCompression< InteriorMap > &lhs, const SphericalCompression< InteriorMap > &rhs)
template<size_t Dim>
bool operator!= (const Translation< Dim > &lhs, const Translation< Dim > &rhs)

Detailed Description

Contains the time-dependent coordinate maps.