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What is SpECTRE?

SpECTRE is an open-source code for multi-scale, multi-physics problems in astrophysics and gravitational physics. In the future, we hope that it can be applied to problems across discipline boundaries in fluid dynamics, geoscience, plasma physics, nuclear physics, and engineering. It runs at petascale and is designed for future exascale computers.

SpECTRE is being developed in support of our collaborative Simulating eXtreme Spacetimes (SXS) research program into the multi-messenger astrophysics of neutron star mergers, core-collapse supernovae, and gamma-ray bursts.

Navigating the Documentation

The SpECTRE documentation is organized into tutorials, developer guides, groups of related code, namespaces, and files for easier navigation. These can all be accessed by links in the menu bar at the top.