SpECTRE  v2024.05.11
Actions::ChangeStepSize< StepChoosersToUse > Struct Template Reference

Adjust the step size for local time stepping. More...

#include <ChangeStepSize.hpp>

Static Public Member Functions

template<typename DbTags , typename... InboxTags, typename Metavariables , typename ArrayIndex , typename ActionList , typename ParallelComponent >
static Parallel::iterable_action_return_t apply (db::DataBox< DbTags > &box, tuples::TaggedTuple< InboxTags... > &, const Parallel::GlobalCache< Metavariables > &, const ArrayIndex &, const ActionList, const ParallelComponent *const)

Detailed Description

template<typename StepChoosersToUse = AllStepChoosers>
struct Actions::ChangeStepSize< StepChoosersToUse >

Adjust the step size for local time stepping.


The optional template parameter StepChoosersToUse may be used to indicate a subset of the constructable step choosers to use for the current application of ChangeStepSize. Passing AllStepChoosers (default) indicates that any constructible step chooser may be used. This option is used when multiple components need to invoke ChangeStepSize with step choosers that may not be compatible with all components.


DataBox changes:

  • Adds: nothing
  • Removes: nothing
  • Modifies: Tags::Next<Tags::TimeStepId>, Tags::TimeStep

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