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Tags::DivCompute< Tag, InverseJacobianTag > Struct Template Reference

Compute the divergence of a Variables. More...

#include <Divergence.hpp>

Public Types

using argument_tags = tmpl::list< Tag, Tags::Mesh< dim >, InverseJacobianTag >

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr auto function

Detailed Description

template<typename Tag, typename InverseJacobianTag>
struct Tags::DivCompute< Tag, InverseJacobianTag >

Compute the divergence of a Variables.

Computes the divergence of the Tensors in the Variables represented by Tag in the frame mapped to by InverseJacobianTag. The map must map from the logical frame.

This tag inherits from db::add_prefix_tag<Tags::div, Tag>.

Member Data Documentation

◆ function

template<typename Tag , typename InverseJacobianTag >
constexpr auto Tags::DivCompute< Tag, InverseJacobianTag >::function
Initial value:
divergence<typename db::const_item_type<Tag>::tags_list, dim,
typename tmpl::back<inv_jac_indices>::Frame>

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