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ConservativeDuDt< System > Struct Template Reference

Calculate \(\partial u/\partial t\) for a conservative system. More...

#include <ConservativeDuDt.hpp>

Public Types

using frame = Frame::Inertial
using argument_tags = tmpl::append< db::split_tag< db::add_tag_prefix< Tags::div, db::add_tag_prefix< Tags::Flux, typename System::variables_tag, tmpl::size_t< volume_dim >, frame > >>, tmpl::transform< typename System::sourced_variables, tmpl::bind< Tags::Source, tmpl::_1 > >>

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr size_t volume_dim = System::volume_dim
static constexpr auto apply

Detailed Description

template<typename System>
struct ConservativeDuDt< System >

Calculate \(\partial u/\partial t\) for a conservative system.

The time evolution of the variables \(u\) of any conservative system is given by \(\partial_t u = - \partial_i F^i + S\), where \(F^i\) are the fluxes and \(S\) are the sources.

Source terms are only added for variables in the System::sourced_variables type list.

Member Data Documentation

◆ apply

template<typename System >
constexpr auto ConservativeDuDt< System >::apply
Initial value:
apply_helper<db::split_tag<typename System::variables_tag>,
typename System::sourced_variables>::function

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