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GeneralizedHarmonic::Tags::GaugeConstraintCompute< SpatialDim, Frame > Struct Template Reference

Compute item to get the gauge constraint for the generalized harmonic evolution system. More...

#include <Constraints.hpp>

Public Types

using argument_tags = tmpl::list< GaugeH< SpatialDim, Frame >, gr::Tags::SpacetimeNormalOneForm< SpatialDim, Frame, DataVector >, gr::Tags::SpacetimeNormalVector< SpatialDim, Frame, DataVector >, gr::Tags::InverseSpatialMetric< SpatialDim, Frame, DataVector >, gr::Tags::InverseSpacetimeMetric< SpatialDim, Frame, DataVector >, Pi< SpatialDim, Frame >, Phi< SpatialDim, Frame > >
using return_type = tnsr::a< DataVector, SpatialDim, Frame >
using base = GaugeConstraint< SpatialDim, Frame >
- Public Types inherited from GeneralizedHarmonic::Tags::GaugeConstraint< SpatialDim, Frame >
using type = tnsr::a< DataVector, SpatialDim, Frame >

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr auto function

Detailed Description

template<size_t SpatialDim, typename Frame>
struct GeneralizedHarmonic::Tags::GaugeConstraintCompute< SpatialDim, Frame >

Compute item to get the gauge constraint for the generalized harmonic evolution system.


See gauge_constraint(). Can be retrieved using GeneralizedHarmonic::Tags::GaugeConstraint.

Member Data Documentation

◆ function

template<size_t SpatialDim, typename Frame >
constexpr auto GeneralizedHarmonic::Tags::GaugeConstraintCompute< SpatialDim, Frame >::function
Initial value:
= static_cast<void (*)(
const tnsr::a<DataVector, SpatialDim, Frame>&,
const tnsr::a<DataVector, SpatialDim, Frame>&,
const tnsr::A<DataVector, SpatialDim, Frame>&,
const tnsr::II<DataVector, SpatialDim, Frame>&,
const tnsr::AA<DataVector, SpatialDim, Frame>&,
const tnsr::aa<DataVector, SpatialDim, Frame>&,
const tnsr::iaa<DataVector, SpatialDim, Frame>&) noexcept>(
&gauge_constraint<SpatialDim, Frame, DataVector>)

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