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Actions::ComputeTimeDerivative< TimeDerivativeComputer > Struct Template Reference

Compute the time derivative of the system variables. More...

#include <ComputeTimeDerivative.hpp>

Static Public Member Functions

template<typename DbTagsList , typename... InboxTags, typename Metavariables , typename ArrayIndex , typename ActionList , typename ParallelComponent , Requires< tmpl::size< DbTagsList >::value !=0 > = nullptr>
static std::tuple< db::DataBox< DbTagsList > && > apply (db::DataBox< DbTagsList > &box, tuples::TaggedTuple< InboxTags... > &, const Parallel::GlobalCache< Metavariables > &, const ArrayIndex &, ActionList, const ParallelComponent *const) noexcept

Detailed Description

template<typename TimeDerivativeComputer>
struct Actions::ComputeTimeDerivative< TimeDerivativeComputer >

Compute the time derivative of the system variables.


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