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Product.hpp File Reference

Defines ET for tensor products. More...

#include "Data/Tensor/Expressions/TensorExpression.hpp"

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struct  TensorExpressions::Product< T1, T2, ArgsList1, ArgsList2 >
struct  TensorExpressions::Product< T1, T2, ArgsList1< Args1... >, ArgsList2< Args2... > >




template<typename T1 , typename T2 , typename X , typename Symm1 , typename Symm2 , typename IndexList1 , typename IndexList2 , typename Args1 , typename Args2 >
auto operator* (const TensorExpression< T1, X, Symm1, IndexList1, Args1 > &t1, const TensorExpression< T2, X, Symm2, IndexList2, Args2 > &t2)

Detailed Description

Defines ET for tensor products.