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VariableFixing Namespace Reference

Contains all variable fixers. More...


class  FixConservatives
 Fix conservative variables using method developed by Foucart. More...
class  FixToAtmosphere
 Fix the primitive variables to an atmosphere in low density regions. More...
class  LimitLorentzFactor
 Limit the maximum Lorentz factor to LorentzFactorCap in regions where the density is below MaxDensityCutoff. More...
class  RadiallyFallingFloor
 Applies a pressure and density floor dependent on the distance to the origin. More...


bool operator== (const FixConservatives &lhs, const FixConservatives &rhs) noexcept
bool operator!= (const FixConservatives &lhs, const FixConservatives &rhs) noexcept
template<size_t LocalThermodynamicDim>
bool operator== (const FixToAtmosphere< LocalThermodynamicDim > &lhs, const FixToAtmosphere< LocalThermodynamicDim > &rhs) noexcept
template<size_t ThermodynamicDim>
bool operator!= (const FixToAtmosphere< ThermodynamicDim > &lhs, const FixToAtmosphere< ThermodynamicDim > &rhs) noexcept
bool operator== (const LimitLorentzFactor &lhs, const LimitLorentzFactor &rhs) noexcept
bool operator!= (const LimitLorentzFactor &lhs, const LimitLorentzFactor &rhs) noexcept
template<size_t LocalDim>
bool operator== (const RadiallyFallingFloor< LocalDim > &lhs, const RadiallyFallingFloor< LocalDim > &rhs) noexcept
template<size_t Dim>
bool operator!= (const RadiallyFallingFloor< Dim > &lhs, const RadiallyFallingFloor< Dim > &rhs) noexcept

Detailed Description

Contains all variable fixers.