MakeWithValueImpls Namespace Reference

Implementations of make_with_value. More...


struct  MakeWithValueImpl
struct  MakeWithValueImpl< DataVector, Tensor< DataVector, Structure... > >
struct  MakeWithValueImpl< DenseVector< double, TFOut >, DenseVector< TIn, TFIn > >
struct  MakeWithValueImpl< double, T >
 Returns a double initialized to value (input is ignored) More...
struct  MakeWithValueImpl< double, Tensor< double, Structure... > >
struct  MakeWithValueImpl< SpinWeighted< SpinWeightedType, Spin >, MakeWithType >
struct  MakeWithValueImpl< SpinWeighted< SpinWeightedType1, Spin1 >, SpinWeighted< SpinWeightedType2, Spin2 > >
struct  MakeWithValueImpl< std::array< T, Size >, InputType >
 Makes a std::array; each element of the std::array must be make_with_value-creatable from a InputType.
struct  MakeWithValueImpl< std::complex< double >, T >
struct  MakeWithValueImpl< Tensor< DataVector, Structure... >, DataVector >
struct  MakeWithValueImpl< Tensor< DataVector, StructureOut... >, Tensor< DataVector, StructureIn... > >
struct  MakeWithValueImpl< Tensor< double, Structure... >, double >
struct  MakeWithValueImpl< Tensor< double, StructureOut... >, Tensor< double, StructureIn... > >
struct  MakeWithValueImpl< tuples::TaggedTuple< Tags... >, T >
 Makes a TaggedTuple; each element of the TaggedTuple must be make_with_value-creatable from a T. More...
struct  MakeWithValueImpl< Variables< TagList >, Tensor< typename Variables< TagList >::vector_type, Structure... > >
struct  MakeWithValueImpl< Variables< TagList >, typename Variables< TagList >::vector_type >
struct  MakeWithValueImpl< Variables< TagListOut >, Variables< TagListIn > >

Detailed Description

Implementations of make_with_value.