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MakeWithValue.hpp File Reference

Defines make_with_value. More...

#include <array>
#include <type_traits>
#include "Utilities/ForceInline.hpp"
#include "Utilities/MakeArray.hpp"
#include "Utilities/TaggedTuple.hpp"

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struct  MakeWithValueImpls::MakeWithValueImpl< R, T >
struct  MakeWithValueImpls::MakeWithValueImpl< double, T >
 Returns a double initialized to value (input is ignored) More...
struct  MakeWithValueImpls::MakeWithValueImpl< tuples::TaggedTuple< Tags... >, T >
 Makes a TaggedTuple; each element of the TaggedTuple must be make_with_value-creatable from a T. More...


 Implementations of make_with_value.


template<typename R , typename T , typename ValueType >
std::remove_const_t< R > make_with_value (const T &input, const ValueType &value) noexcept
 Given an object of type T, create an object of type R whose elements are initialized to value. More...

Detailed Description

Defines make_with_value.