Parallel Directory Reference



file  Abort.hpp [code]
 Defines function Parallel::abort.
file  CharmPupable.hpp [code]
 Defines macros to allow serialization of abstract template base classes.
file  ConstGlobalCache.hpp [code]
 Defines class template ConstGlobalCache.
file  Exit.hpp [code]
 Defines function Parallel::exit.
file  Info.hpp [code]
 Defines functions for interfacing with the parallelization framework.
file  Main.hpp [code]
 Defines the Charm++ mainchare.
file  Printf.hpp [code]
 Defines Parallel::printf for writing to stdout.
file  PupStlCpp11.hpp [code]
 PUP routines for new C+11 STL containers and other standard library objects Charm does not provide implementations for.
file  RegisterDerivedClassesWithCharm.hpp [code]
 Functions for serializing factory-created classes.
file  Serialize.hpp [code]
 Defines the serialize and deserialize functions.
file  TypeTraits.hpp [code]
 Defines type traits related to Charm++ types.