H5 Directory Reference



file  AccessType.hpp [code]
 Defines enum for specifying whether the H5 file is ReadWrite or ReadOnly.
file  CheckH5.hpp [code]
 Defines macro CHECK_H5.
file  Dat.hpp [code]
 Defines class h5::Dat.
file  File.hpp [code]
 Defines class h5::H5File.
file  Header.hpp [code]
 Defines class h5::Header.
file  Helpers.hpp [code]
 Defines functions for h5 manipulations.
file  Object.hpp [code]
 Defines class h5::Object abstract base class.
file  OpenGroup.hpp [code]
 Defines class OpenGroup for opening groups in HDF5.
file  StellarCollapseEos.hpp [code]
 Defines class h5::StellarCollapseEos.
file  Type.hpp [code]
 Defines function for retrieving the HDF5 type for a template parameter.
file  Version.hpp [code]
 Defines class h5::Version for storing version history of files.