Utilities Directory Reference



file  Blas.hpp [code]
 Declares the interfaces for the BLAS used.
file  Blaze.hpp [code]
 Includes Blaze library with specific configs.
file  BoostHelpers.hpp [code]
 Defines helper functions for working with boost.
file  CachedFunction.hpp [code]
 Defines class CachedFunction.
file  ConstantExpressions.hpp [code]
 Define simple functions for constant expressions.
file  DereferenceWrapper.hpp [code]
 Defines function dereference_wrapper.
file  FileSystem.hpp [code]
 Declares functions to do file system manipulations.
file  ForceInline.hpp [code]
 Defines macro to always inline a function.
file  Gsl.hpp [code]
 Defines functions and classes from the GSL.
file  Literals.hpp [code]
 Defines useful literals.
file  MakeArray.hpp [code]
 Defines function make_array.
file  MakeWithValue.hpp [code]
 Defines make_with_value.
file  PointerVector.hpp [code]
 Defines class PointerVector.
file  PrettyType.hpp [code]
 Contains a pretty_type library to write types in a "pretty" format.
file  Requires.hpp [code]
 Defines the type alias Requires.
file  Spherepack.hpp [code]
 Provides a C++ interface to the Fortran SPHEREPACK library.
file  StdArrayHelpers.hpp [code]
 Defines arithmetic operators for std::array and other helpful functions.
file  StdHelpers.hpp [code]
 Defines helper functions for the standard library.
file  StlStreamDeclarations.hpp [code]
 Declares stream operators for STL containers.
file  TMPL.hpp [code]
 Wraps the template metaprogramming library used (brigand)
file  TmplDebugging.hpp [code]
 Defines class TypeDisplayer.
file  Tuple.hpp [code]
 Defines functions for manipulating tuples.