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Element< VolumeDim > Class Template Reference

A spectral element with knowledge of its neighbors. More...

#include <Element.hpp>

Public Types

using Neighbors_t = DirectionMap< VolumeDim, Neighbors< VolumeDim > >

Public Member Functions

 Element (ElementId< VolumeDim > id, Neighbors_t neighbors) noexcept
 Constructor. More...
 Element ()=default
 Default needed for serialization.
 Element (const Element< VolumeDim > &)=default
 Element (Element< VolumeDim > &&) noexcept=default
Element< VolumeDim > & operator= (const Element< VolumeDim > &)=default
Element< VolumeDim > & operator= (Element< VolumeDim > &&) noexcept=default
const std::unordered_set< Direction< VolumeDim > > & external_boundaries () const noexcept
 The directions of the faces of the Element that are external boundaries.
const ElementId< VolumeDim > & id () const noexcept
 A unique ID for the Element.
const Neighbors_tneighbors () const noexcept
 Information about the neighboring Elements.
size_t number_of_neighbors () const noexcept
 The number of neighbors this element has.
void pup (PUP::er &p) noexcept

Detailed Description

template<size_t VolumeDim>
class Element< VolumeDim >

A spectral element with knowledge of its neighbors.

Template Parameters
VolumeDimthe volume dimension.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Element()

template<size_t VolumeDim>
Element< VolumeDim >::Element ( ElementId< VolumeDim >  id,
Neighbors_t  neighbors 


ida unique identifier for the Element.
neighborsinfo about the Elements that share an interface with this Element.

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