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DenseVector< T, TF > Class Template Reference

A dynamically sized vector of arbitrary type. More...

#include <DenseVector.hpp>

Public Member Functions

void pup (PUP::er &p) noexcept
 Charm++ serialization.

Detailed Description

template<typename T, bool TF = blaze::defaultTransposeFlag>
class DenseVector< T, TF >

A dynamically sized vector of arbitrary type.


Use this vector type to represent a generic collection of numbers without assigning any particular meaning to them. It supports all common vector operations such as elementwise arithmetic, dot-products between vectors and multiplication by a DenseMatrix.

This is a thin wrapper around blaze::DynamicVector. Please refer to the Blaze documentation for information on how to use it.

Refer to the Data Structures documentation for a list of other available vector and matrix types. In particular, to represent the values of a function on the computational domain use DataVector instead.

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