ParallelInfo.hpp File Reference
#include <charm++.h>

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int sys::number_of_procs ()
 Number of processing elements.
int sys::my_proc ()
 Index of my processing element.
int sys::number_of_nodes ()
 Number of nodes.
int sys::my_node ()
 Index of my node.
int sys::procs_on_node (const int node_index)
 Number of processing elements on the given node.
int sys::my_local_rank ()
 The local index of my processing element on my node. This is in the interval 0, ..., procs_on_node(my_node()) - 1.
int sys::first_proc_on_node (const int node_index)
 Index of first processing element on the given node.
int sys::node_of (const int proc_index)
 Index of the node for the given processing element.
int sys::local_rank_of (const int proc_index)
 The local index for the given processing element on its node.
double sys::wall_time ()
 The elapsed wall time in seconds.

Detailed Description

Defines functions that provide low-level system information such as number of nodes and processors. When working with distributed objects, one should use the corresponding functions in Parallel/Info.hpp instead of the low-level functions here.